ED Journal

EDLounge is the first online national learning provider and centre that allows students to gain Foundation, Vocation and BTEC qualifications whilst giving their teachers instant access to customisable evaluation reports suitable for Ofsted inspections. EDLounge also offers the opportunity for KS3 pupils to enjoy an holistic approach to inclusive education.

As part of our commitment to providing teachers with essential information and advice on how to best help their pupils reach their goals, EDLounge also publishes a free monthly email newsletter, ED Journal.

Each issue is written by experts in alternative provision, foundation learning and inclusive education and will cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Effective use of the Pupil Premium
  • Raising A-C grades for your pupils on the alternative curriculum
  • New NQF qualifications
  • Reducing exclusions
  • Addressing disengaged students
  • Developing and tracking 3 levels of progress at KS3
  • Funding for schools
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